About me

I am a ceramic artist born in Ukraine. I have pursued my arts education in both Ukraine and Russia. Ceramics is my main creative medium, and I extensively explore its' possibilities in sculpture and painting.
My favourite artistic style is creating ceramic wall art panels. These panels serve as reflection of my personal contemplations on various subjects. Panels are composed of thousands of delicate porcelain petals meticulously arranged to form a cohesive and captivating picture. Me creations symbolise union of fragility and integrity.
From a young age, my sole passion revolved around drawing and painting. As a child, I found immense joy in drawing, and my artistic journey began with attending arts school, followed by college and university. However, during the final years of my university studies, I took a bold step and ventured into a completely new artistic direction — mosaic.
Work with mosaic art opened new horizons for me. I had an incredible opportunity to contribute to the interior decoration of the Church of St. Sava in Serbia. This experience provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills, enriching my artistic repertoire.
In the following years, my focus gradually shifted towards ceramics. I started by working on cups, saucers, and vases, realising that the world of paints and canvases was no longer at the forefront of my artistic aspirations. Through dedicated efforts and perseverance, I honed my skills in ceramics.
Over time, I embarked on a transformative journey of creating ceramic wall art panels that melt together images, ideas and contemplate global issues and philosophical questions. These panels became the embodiment of my artistic expression, allowing me to delve into profound concepts and communicate them visually through the medium of ceramics.
In each of my creations, I go beyond merely assembling mosaic pieces. I embark on a unique process where I "paint" image with porcelain. This approach allows me to infuse my artwork with depth and intricacy, going beyond the traditional boundaries of mosaic art.
One of the remarkable aspects of my work lies in the abstract and occasionally enigmatic nature of my ceramic wall-art panels. Such impressions connect as a metaphor a vast array of concepts that I wish to explore.

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